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MC Shan - 'Jane! Stop This Crazy Thing!/ Cocaine' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]

MC Shan

Jane! Stop This Crazy Thing!/ Cocaine

Black Vinyl

12" Vinyl Single Record

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Product Details
One of the most sought out golden age Hip Hop records, MC Shan's "Jane! Stop This Crazy Thing" with the picture cover, is nearly impossible to get your hands on. Recently selling for over $300 dollars on eBay, this single is a must-have classic. The first release from the now legendary Cold Chillin' music label, the record captures some of Shan's most brilliant rhymes, backed by Marley Marl's trademark gritty production. The A-Side, "Jane! Stop This Crazy Thing" is about a female who is hooked on crack, illustrated on the front and back covers in what had to have been quite an interesting photo shoot. The B-Side is called "Cocaine" and is one of the greatest extended metaphor rhymes ever. The live version (also included) is vintage audio of the first time Shan performed the song on stage. Check for the crowd's reaction at the end. This single is a snapshot of the drug epidemic in the mid 80s, with a plethora of selling points including the fact that this exclusive music does not appear on any album, to the phonography done by the great George DuBose.
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