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MC White Owl & FATCATHAYZE 156

Keep Calm


For our first sampling from MC Whiteowl and producer FATCATHAYZE 156s forthcoming EP, Fill in the Blanks, the frequent collaborators connect with Brooklyns L.I.F.E. Long for a funky, wordplay-laden new single, Keep Calm.

And in the tracks newly released visuals filmed by Emzkey 1 for Sublime Crown Television, the two rappers (Whiteowl and Long) head down to a local watering hole to toast to their success. But theyre not done talking their sh*t just yetand with good reason.

The New York City spitters sling their quotable-filled verses armed with pints and plenty of bravado, particularly Whiteowl whose battle-rap bars include references to everything from Odell Beckham Jr. to the Zika virus. His Brooklyn-hailing guest is a bit more down to earth as he deftly explores topics include government surveillance and police brutality.

Its the dichotomy between not only the lyrical content but their flows that make Whiteowl and Long such a strong one-two punch. And of course, it doesnt hurt that theyre trading verses over some next-level, mean-mugging production from FATCATHAYZE.