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Mestizo & Mike Gao - 'Blindfaith' [CD]
Mestizo & Mike Gao - 'Blindfaith' [CD]
Mestizo & Mike Gao - 'Blindfaith' [CD]
Mestizo & Mike Gao - 'Blindfaith' [CD]

Mestizo & Mike Gao



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In the midst of chaos and conflict amongst humanity, here emerged a voice for the generation of lost children searching for faith. While most people of planet Earth concern themselves with self-preservation in the form of a dollar bill, the future of our civilization lies in the hands of an unconscious faith...

The album title is self-explanatory. Concepts conceived out of total disbelief, during the re-election of our nation's president and the end of our say in the function of our America. Mestizo is a man of extraordinary views on the systematic make up of today's existence. The characters of his thoughts are a volatile portrayal of the meaning of Blindfaith, his second full length album release.

The adamant and meticulous Mike Gao is the newest producer to flourish from the Galapagos4 family tree. One of the youngest and most promising producers coming out of the west coast, Mike's barmy style of hypnotizing rhythms and detailed instrumentation serves as faultless and dramatic scenery for Blindfaith's ear catching outbursts of truth.

Mestizo has been turning heads and gaining worldwide interest and respect with fans and artist alike since his decision to show his face to the independent world. With the attention caught from Mestizo's first official Galapagos4 release Lifelikemovie, Blindfaith will mark the start of a new era of apocalyptic driven advocates.
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