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<!--120070911010407-->Mestizo - 'Dream State' [CD]
<!--120070911010407-->Mestizo - 'Dream State' [CD]
<!--120070911010407-->Mestizo - 'Dream State' [CD]
<!--120070911010407-->Mestizo - 'Dream State' [CD]


Dream State




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After a two year hiatus, a core member of Galapagos4's West Coast operation, Mestizo, is back with his official homecoming album. Dream State is Mestizo's interpretation of his native land of California, which is a dream world in itself, filled with eccentric beings entranced in a dream state. This album is entirely produced by the new super duo Julian Code, made up of Sean Julian (best known for the highly successful Psych Rock LP Trap Door on Groove Merchant Records) and DJ Morse Code, the San Francisco native better known for his club monster DJ status as part of the Super Friends crew. DJ Morse Code has also been caught DJing side by side with DJ AM, Steve Aoki, A-Trak, and The Rub to name a few, but here he is letting the world in on his gritty 12-bit SP-1200 production style. Mesitzo has gained tremendous respect from his peers and elders alike as a passionate writer, amazing performer, and stern leader of the next generation of artists. Lyrically, Mesitzo teamed up with Joe Dubbs, Isaiah, Qwel, 2Mex, and Murs, and although Dream State is an album that needed no features, each individual that contributed to the album gladly added to its magnificence. Together they have created classic duets in honor of the golden state sound. Mestizo embodies the true sound and style of a California heavyweight and is sure to be a mogul to many and this album the future blueprint of how the West Coast rocks.
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