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MiC K!NG & Chum - 'Flavor Ade' [CD]
MiC K!NG & Chum - 'Flavor Ade' [CD]
MiC K!NG & Chum - 'Flavor Ade' [CD]
MiC K!NG & Chum - 'Flavor Ade' [CD]

MiC K!NG & Chum

Flavor Ade


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Since their last record under the monikers of iCON The Mic King and Chum The Skrilla Guerilla, the newly named team of MiC K!NG & Chum are back to have some fun with their new record Flavor Ade featuring Slug Of Atmosphere and Elzhi of Slum Village.

Philadelphia's MiC K!NG originally came up as a champion battle rapper and freestyle master who is known for his mind boggling performances and relentless touring worldwide. Over the years he has toured and collaborated with everyone from multiple members of Wu-Tang to Jus Allah of Jedi Mind Tricks. Chum is better known as the head producer for the CT crew Demigodz- home base of artists such as Apathy and Celph Titled.

Flavor Ade, named for the bootleg cousin of Kool Aid (a reference to a forthcoming project by the duo), is a sugar-packed high energy album that showcases a lyrically playful side to MiC K!NG which has largely been hidden in the past behind complex writing. Chum's beats are as classic as ever- bringing everything from disco tinged drums to new jack swing throwbacks into the mix. It's no surprise that MiC K!NG & Chum compare themselves to a modern day "Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff" and even do a perfectly re-worked cover of that groups' "I'm All That." Flavor Ade brings elements of fun 90s hip hop back without being completely nostalgic or forgetting the modern day super lyricism and progressive beats that this dynamic duo is loved for.
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