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Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band - 'Bongo Rock' [CD]

Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band

Bongo Rock



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Formed by MGM A&R Michael Viner in 1972 to supplement the soundtrack to the virtually anonymous B film "The Thing With Two Heads", The IBB went from loose studio collective to an instrumental pop covers consortium, interpreting classics of the day in their own inimitable percussive fashion. Contained is the two original albums produced by Viner and Perry Botkin Jnr, that feature the Hip-Hop National anthem "Apache", adjacent to a host of rhythmic instrumentals that utilise some of the hottest drummers of the day, including Jim Gordon and King Errisson. Spanning between melodic horn led interludes, Hammond swells and razor sharp electric guitars each track has its own literal bongo breakdown with enough beats and pieces to satisfy the most hungry of S3000's, and retro junkies alike. Falling somewhere amid library music and timpani funk this is another valuable lesson in the history of the music industry.
The IBB's cover of track `Apache` originally made famous by The Shadows, is simply legendary in the world of dance music. Not only arguably one of the most sampled tracks of all time and a staple for Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash as they invented the art of DJing at the Bronx block parties of the `70s, it has become an all-time hip hop and breakers anthem, and is revered as the original 'break' of all original breaks. The rhythms of this LP coined the term 'breakbeat'.
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