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Mikey D - 'Day Of D'Struction' [CD]
Mikey D - 'Day Of D'Struction' [CD]
Mikey D - 'Day Of D'Struction' [CD]
Mikey D - 'Day Of D'Struction' [CD]

Mikey D

Day Of D'Struction


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The music Industry is now ready for a sonic explosion that will infiltrate Hip-Hop ears. Veteran word smith and Battle MC Mikey D'Struction is now ready to release the next epic chapter to the musical scrolls of Hip-Hop and its history. Mikey D continues to add to his catalog of music by releasing the new album: Day Of D'Struction. The album Day Of D'Struction has been crafted with patience, care, and a special attention to detail. Day Of D'Struction is a timeless classic Hip-Hop album prepared for the masses World-Wide. The album was primarily produced by top Russian Hip-Hop Megastar and producer Ligalize, and co produced by Philadelphia's own DJ Slice. Also mastered by no other than Anton Pukshansky.

Mikey D has made iconic records with the late legendary producer Paul C under the banner of the LA Posse. Mikey D eventually became the lead MC for the group Main Source replacing Large Professor. Main Source released the album "F--K What You Think". Currently Mikey D and DJ Mercury have formed the group Elements of Hip-Hop. They released the album "Calm Before The Storm" which is the prelude to the upcoming release: Day Of D'Struction.

Mikey D has put his heart & soul into the creation of Day Of D'Struction. DOD blends the past, present and future of timeless classic Hip-Hop. There are several collaborations on the album which include Mikey D and: Chris Rivers (Big Pun's Son) on the song "Horns", Canibus on the song "Back 2 Back", plus RA The Rugged Man and Craig G on the song "The Rhyme Heater". The album Day Of D'Struction is ready to spread its arms around the globe to touch you in the heart with a gritty musical and emotional punch.
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