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<!--019000101002142-->Milan Pilar - 'Bali Jazz Impressions' [(Black) Vinyl EP]

Milan Pilar

Bali Jazz Impressions

Black Vinyl Re-Issue

Vinyl EP Record


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Excellent "East Meets West"-Library Jazz by session group around Czech composer and bass player Milan Pilar, produced 1978 in Munich and conducted by Freddie Brocksieper, feat. Charly Tabor, Pepe Solera, Heribert Thusek, Nippy Noya, Rudi Fuesers and Hans van der Sys. Meeting of deep modal jazz with percussive sounds from Gamelan music culture, held together by Pilar's impressive bass playing. Four previously unknown tracks from the master tapes, comes with "Sekaten 1926" artwork by German painter and Bali emigrant Walter Spies on frontcover. Available as exclusive vinyl-12inch only including four tracks, limited to 500 copies!!!
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