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Milosh - 'meme' [CD]
Milosh - 'meme' [CD]
Milosh - 'meme' [CD]
Milosh - 'meme' [CD]




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  • Apr 07, 2009
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 612651006920
  • PLG69CD
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  • Milosh
The follow-up to 2004's warmly textured 'You Make Me Feel', 'Meme' is another slab of freshlybaked solipsism that coats an emo-heart with layers of electronics and a generous sprinkling of singer/songwriter passion. A natural bedfellow to Junior Boys, The Go Find or Postal Service, Torontonian Mike Milos is the latest in a string of solo troubadours who consider digitalis the foremost medium in which to render their tales of love, life and ladies. The kind of album you can describe as 'sleight' without setting it up for an insult, 'Meme' is sonically svelte throughout; framing Milosh's indie-boy vocals in a mesh of buzzing electronics and smudged accompaniment that are both perfectly balanced and utterly complimentary. Opening with the hyperkinetic thrum of 'It's Over', Milosh engenders a thrillingly optimistic atmosphere, wherein a set of carbonated beats (straight outta 'Kid A') buoy the honeyed vocals and analogue backbone, creating a song which can make you smile/cry depending on your mood. Similarly, 'Falling Asleep' employs a locomotive of hand claps and sweat-soul vocals to create a song which wouldn't have looked out of place on either the last Jamie Lidell or Telefon Tel Aviv albums, 'The City' is a neon-noir ode that recalls label mate Damon Aaron, whilst album closer 'Playing With Yen' dispenses with the fragility in favour of some electro-pepped beat boxing.
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