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<!--020100727023115-->MIMOBOT: Core Series 2.5 - 'Knowledgeus - 2GB' [USB Memory Drive]
<!--020100727023115-->MIMOBOT: Core Series 2.5 - 'Knowledgeus - 2GB' [USB Memory Drive]
<!--020100727023115-->MIMOBOT: Core Series 2.5 - 'Knowledgeus - 2GB' [USB Memory Drive]
<!--020100727023115-->MIMOBOT: Core Series 2.5 - 'Knowledgeus - 2GB' [USB Memory Drive]

MIMOBOT: Core Series 2.5

Knowledgeus - 2GB

USB Memory Drive

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  • 2GB
  • 812726013482
  • 2.0 oz
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  • Mimoco
MIMOBOT Core Series 2.5:
Mimoco, renowned maker of MIMOBOT designer USB flash drives, continues its five-year anniversary collection with the introduction of Dr. Knowledgeus to its Core Series of memory storing MIMOBOT alien robots.

The MIMOBOT story began five years ago when data-starved aliens from galaxy 4210 flashported to Earth on a quest to save their ailing amnesiac minds from permanent memory erasure. Cruising in his zeppelin laboratory miles above his imperiled Planet Blh, the MIMOBOTs' sickest genius scientist, Dr. Knowledgeus, formulated an experimental method of space transport and data transmission that could cure his ill comrades. Today, having perfected his flashportation technique, Dr. Knowledgeus and his revived pet Isadore trip through the cosmos on their own intergalactic journey to our home planet.

Knowledgeus makes his official debut at San Diego Comic Con (July 21st - 25th), where Mimoco launched its MIMOBOT line of original character-based USB flash drives in 2005. Other old favorites kicked off Mimoco's anniversary last month in new colorways including Swirl, Fairybit Fairybot, and RayD81. Dr. Knowledgeus completes the Core Series 2.5 lineup.

2GB capacity
Hi-speed USB 2.0
Mac/PC compatible
2.5" tall by 1" wide
Preloaded digital Mimory...
mimoDesk personalization suite: Icons, avatars, wallpapers, screensavers, and other surprises related to each character and series to enrich your digital desktop experience.