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Minamina Goodsong - 'The Transcendental Game Of Zen' [CD]

Minamina Goodsong

The Transcendental Game Of Zen


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Lacing the ever-relevant kicks and snares with lofty melodic tones, Minamina Goodsong's third album 'The Transcendental Game of Zen' seeks the Universal Zen consciousness through hip-hop. 'TGOZ' is good-time hip-hop that will take you out of your daily grind and put you on the path toward enlightenment (or at least toward throwin' your hands in the air.) Having for many years been fascinated with Zen Buddhism, Ted Jon, Pgnut, T'Challa and AD walked the path and crafted a record based on practical, present day applications of Zen teachings. With 'The Transcendental Game of Zen,' the MG crew brings the dedicated fan a sonic mandala to set the spirit free and keep the head nodding. Along with the first two Minamina albums, instrumentals from 'TGOZ' have leaked to MTV and Fox Sports, as well as the Cartoon Network's cult smash 'Adult Swim.' Far from being a lost text, 'The Transcendental Game of Zen' has been discovered by college radio coast to coast, and continues to sell respectably in the US, Japan and elsewhere through various independent distributors.
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