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<!--020080408018361-->Minigods (Marka27) - 'MG2 Mexico' [Toy [Portable Speaker]]
<!--020080408018361-->Minigods (Marka27) - 'MG2 Mexico' [Toy [Portable Speaker]]
<!--020080408018361-->Minigods (Marka27) - 'MG2 Mexico' [Toy [Portable Speaker]]
<!--020080408018361-->Minigods (Marka27) - 'MG2 Mexico' [Toy [Portable Speaker]]

Minigods (Marka27)

MG2 Mexico

Toy [Portable Speaker]

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  • 17"
  • 26.8 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Threezero
  • Marka27
Mini-Gods are the "Givers Of Divine Sound". Since the beginning of time, many civilizations and cultures from various backgrounds throughout the world have used MUSIC as a means of ritual, celebration, healing, and even to declare battle for war. Mini-Gods are a direct representation of ancient and modern pop/street culture fused into one.

The creator of The Mini-Gods, Victor "Marka27" Quinonez, wanted to bring something new to the table with soul, substance, and an urban edge. Mini-Gods are inspired by African, Asian, South and Central American ancient art and culture.

The long-awaited figure comes with a full range speaker and has an integrated amplifier for increased speaker power -- all the better to bump your music! A lone 9 volt battery will power the speaker and amp. The figure will have a minijack connector (seen on the bottom left-hand side) providing compatibility with any music device with a headphone jack such as an ipod, cd player, boombox, laptop or desktop. Minijack cord and 9volt battery included. Make room for the new gods in town!

MG2 Mexico mini-god follows up on the success of MG1 Brazil with an all-new head sculpt and of course, a working speaker. MG2 is even bigger at 17" (versus 16" for MG1) and has been improved with an external AC adapter port for extended play without batteries. So if battery usage is a concern, you can easily purchase and connect an external power source. Limited to 200.