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<!--020090113018659-->Minigods (Marka27) - 'Resin' [Toy]

Minigods (Marka27)



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Product Details
  • 5.5"
  • 11.8 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Marka27
Mini-Gods are the "Givers Of Divine Sound". Since the beginning of time, many civilizations and cultures from various backgrounds throughout the world have used MUSIC as a means of ritual, celebration, healing, and even to declare battle for war. Mini-Gods are a direct representation of ancient and modern pop/street culture fused into one.

The creator of The Mini-Gods, Victor "Marka27" Quinonez, wanted to bring something new to the table with soul, substance, and an urban edge. Mini-Gods are inspired by African, Asian, South and Central American ancient art and culture.

This is the special SDCC exclusive 5.5" resin version of the Mini-god figure. Custom painted, signed, numbered and splattered by Marka27. Edition of 20.