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Mocky - 'Saskamodie' [CD]




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  • Apr 07, 2009
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
  • 876623005995
  • CDD300599CD
  • 2.8 oz
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  • Crammed Disc
Named after a song Mocky made up when he was seven using imaginary words, "Saskamodie" is a new future/retro classic: a return to pure musical expression by a cutting edge artist who is no longer bound by the electronic music scene. At different points you'll hear a vintage soundtrack suite, a debonair jazz record (minus the solos) or a golden era '60s soul ballad recording... yet, as if all these charming stylistic sorties weren't loveable enough, cut "Saskamodie" through the middle and you'll find that sweet, inescapably infectious melody is the lifeblood trickling through its core.

"Saskamodie" is Mocky's first release for Crammed Discs. He is listed as playing drums, bass, rhodes, piano, guitar, percussion, bells, recorder, vocals, whistle, organ and toys as well as writing string arrangements. Taylor Savvy, Gonzales, Jamie Lidell, and Feist contribute additional instrumental and backing vocal performances that make this record sound more like a live performance than a studio creation.

Teaming up with Renaud Letang in a vintage soundtrack studio in Paris previously inhabited by the likes of Nina Simone and Serge Gainsbourg, Mocky let his imagination run wild and the results are astounding! Watch out for Mocky's Saskamodie tour across Europe in 2009.
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