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<!--020081028015245-->Molotow - 'Masterpiece Coversall - Black' & [Marker [Ink]]


Masterpiece Coversall - Black'

Marker [Ink]

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Product Details
  • AP1922ART
  • 2.6 oz
  • Black
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Molotow
  • Coversall Formula
The wait is finally over, and the Masterpiece has finally arrived. There are a few different reasons why this marker is highly anticipated. The largest being the 60mm wide nib in combination with the patented High Flow tip. This technology translates into consistent ink flow evenly across the ultra wide tip. Not just in the middle of the nib. Plus it's a pump action marker. Some other cool features of this marker lie within it. The Coversall ink is a permanent synthetic bitumen which covers well on many different surfaces. And did we mention that it's refillable?

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