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M.O.P. - 'Ghetto Warfare' [CD]


Ghetto Warfare


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M.O.P. (aka Mash-Out Posse) is back again. Comprised of rappers Lil' Fame (aka Fizzy Womack) and Billy Danzenie (aka Billy Danze), the group is best known for their frenetic hit single 2000's "Ante Up". But throughout their career M.O.P. have consistently delivered the hardest, angriest and loudest music Hip Hop could offer.
Childhood friends Fame (Jamal Grinnage) and Danze (Eric Murray) grew up in the roughest area of Brownsville (Brooklyn, NY) and were members of a neighborhood gang named Mash Out Posse. They debuted in 1993 with the single "How About Some Hardcore". The underground success of the single, promoted by a gritty, low-budget video from then-unknown director Hype Williams led to their debut album, "To The Death", a dark and raging LP, was released in 1994 on on the small label, Select Records. The album was fully produced by DR Period. "How About Some Hardcore" became one of the biggest hardcore rap anthems of the 90s.
In 1996, M.O.P. released their second effort, "Firing Squad". Hoping for better promotion, they signed with Relativity Records. Despite changing record labels and producers (the album was produced by DJ Premier and Lil' Fame himself), M.O.P. continued hitting fans' ears with tough, menacing beats and their extremely hardcore, energetic delivery. Two years later, M.O.P. released "First Family 4 Life", working on the same formula as ever, again with heavy percentage of DJ Premier's production and more gems produced by Lil' Fame. M.O.P.'s fanbase was loyal but remained rather small until 2000, when they released "Warriorz", this time on Loud Records. Mainstream radio began playing the first single, "Ante Up", produced by DR Period whom they had not worked with since their debut. The single was a major radio hit and propelled the album to #25 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart. The follow-up single, the self-produced "Cold As Ice" which featured a sample from "Cold As Ice" by Foreigner, also received radio airplay, although almost half of the song's lyrics had to be censored for the radio version.
"Warriorz" is the last major-label release from M.O.P. to date. In 2002, Loud Records folded, leaving the group stranded. They recorded a full length album titled "Ghetto Warfare", but the eagerly anticipated album was shelved. In order to keep their music on the streets, the Posse released a mixtape titled "Marxmen Cinema" under the name, The Marxmen. M.O.P. also independently released a self-titled rock-rap album under the name, Mash Out Posse.
Jump to July 2006, the never before heard album "Ghetto Warfare" has surfaced, and it is finally available to the masses. Nineteen tracks deep, and filled with all the standard M.O.P. subject matter we have all grown to love, the album contains rhymes about battling with rival criminals and serious talk about life in the ghetto. What more could you want from your rough and raw New York rap music?
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