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Moreno + 2 - 'Music Typewriter' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Moreno + 2

Music Typewriter

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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"Half of this debut is mentholated bossa nova; half is sexy carnival music for the digital era. All of it is gorgeous."
- Entertainment Weekly

"Moreno and his collaborators (the +2's) pull out basically eve y stop, combining traditional Brazilian sounds with everything from buzzing synth bass to theremins swarming around the edges."
- Pitchfork (8.4)

Moreno, Kassin and Domenico were childhood friends from school. They formed a band and made three albums, each one under a different one's name. Their records are different and very influential in Brazil.

Morneo is the son of legendary Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso. You can hear him at age 8 on the first Luaka Bop release ("Beleza Tropical") singing the words "Ile Aye" on Caetano's song of the same name.

Moreno's record is to some extent the most conventional of the three, even though Domenico, the drummer, plays drums on a sampler and cymbal sounds using sand paper. The next release, Domenico's, had the greatest success in the indie world, while Kassin's album is the most produced (which makes sense as he has become one of the most successful producers in Brazil).
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