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Mr. Backside - 'EXPEDITion Vol. 12: Home' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Mr. Backside

EXPEDITion Vol. 12: Home

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record

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Product Details
  • Dec 23, 2016
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 659123077316
  • VLDL183LP
  • 8.7 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Vinyl Digital
  • Mr. Backside
Expedition is our new Instrumental hip-hop/beat art series, which presents the most talented beatmakers in the country - no matter if they're known or not! The Expedition series not only describes the journey into the musical world of a new, creative generation of producers, but also visually the hand-numbered and strictly limited series offers a special collector's surprise: all parts together create a lovingly filled record collection hopefully soon adorning the walls of all hardcore diggers of the country!
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