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Mr. Complex - 'Plexcade: Ten Years Of Plex (Best Of)' [CD]

Mr. Complex

Plexcade: Ten Years Of Plex (Best Of)


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It's crazy Mr. Complex has been around for a decade plus. It kind of puts how long you've been listening to hip-hop in perspective without finding some old Group Home tape single under your bed. Complex has been doing his thing on the indie scene for long enough that everyone should have checked him at some point basically because he puts out dope stuff. All the highlights are here (thank god they put that El-Fudge track on here). Dave of De La fame jumps on "Emotional" while other dudes like Pharaoh step up on "Scream Shout". Nice touch adding the "Visualize" and "Vizualize" Remix. The
"Visualize" Remix is a perennially slept on Complex cut that appeared in 2000 as the flip to "Do it Big." Plex has always been easy to get into especially when indie rap is a new thing and if you are or are not familiar this is a great grab. What happened to El-Fudge or L-Fudge? One Fudge.
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