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Mr. Green

Born To Be King


For this episode we linked up with KG, an incredible reggae artist we met out in the park in Brooklyn. This one is crazy because we recorded the whole song outdoors, just a few minutes after meeting each other. What happened is Sam, the co-creator and OG director of the show, and his girlfriend Ally were walking through the park one day when they heard some amazing singing coming from a group of people hanging out by the lake. They walked over and found KG and his crew ATR (Above the Rest) free-styling. Everyone exchanged numbers and then a few days later Sam brought me down there with some beats. I played KG just one track off my beats album "one day EP" and almost immediately he started singing into the mic "... I was born to be king black..."

I'm proud of this one because, like most of our tracks, it happened in the most organic way possible. But not only, we recorded the whole thing outside on the side of a lake and now they play it the radio (on Sirium XM) and on TV (on MTV Jams)... crazy.