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Mr. Green

Step Into the Booth


"Filmed in Taos New Mexico, I got to visit an ancient pueblo belonging to a Tiwa-speaking Native American tribe of Puebloan people. It's a very interesting place, it's estimated that it was built between the years 1000-1450. When you're there it feels like you are in a different time period completely.

After the Pueblo, I headed over to Andrea M Pacheco's house so she could play me some Mariachi music. She put on a dope performance and explained a bit about the instruments. Her day job is to sell religious artifacts so there were all kinds of cool pictures and pieces around.

Back in NYC, I made a beat out of Andrea's Guitaron and had Raz Fresco come through. When Raz came over we hung out for a while, he smoked a few backwoods, and then kicked a dope verse." - Mr. Green