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Mr. Hyde - 'Barn Of The Naked Dead' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]

Mr. Hyde

Barn Of The Naked Dead

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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Imagine you're 12-years old and watching a gory horror flick, eating popcorn and dumping in your pants from both excitement and shock. This basically sums up the feel to Mr. Hyde's new album Barn Of The Naked Dead. Some may be shocked by the lyrics or enticed by them or in fact entirely afraid to listen to them, but that is the effect brought about by Hyde over strictly Necro beats. With tracks like "Spill Your Blood," "Knife In Your Spine," "Married To Pain," and "Death Sentence" this album is a lyrical bloodfest as Hyde cuts through tracks like Jason does necks. Necro takes sole control of the boards (and adds vocals) here while Ill Bill, Goretex, Sabac, Little Britney, Kid Joe and Uncle Howie himself lend some vocal lashings. Another interesting release conjured up by Pscho+Logical Records.
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