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Mr. Lif - 'Mo' Mega' [CD]
Mr. Lif - 'Mo' Mega' [CD]
Mr. Lif - 'Mo' Mega' [CD]
Mr. Lif - 'Mo' Mega' [CD]

Mr. Lif

Mo' Mega


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Fresh off the uber-success of super group The Perceptionist's Black Dialogue, Mr. Lif returns to his Def Jux compadres for a short, but sweet, solo release. A pioneer of independent hip-hop, Lif continues to do what he does best - lacing grimy beats with a combination of razor sharp observations on the shoddy state of modern day society, and an almost silly comic sensibility. The manic energy of both the driving, electro-squelch beats, and Lif's nasally lyrical attack are sure to appease any self-respecting Def Jukie. The album is short and sweet, and a great tester for those interested in getting a taste of the indy-veteran's.
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