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Muhsinah - 'Day Break 2.0' [CD]


Day Break 2.0


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Gripping vocals, inspired wordplay and thoughtful composition are just 3 of the elements that remain constant throughout day.break 2.0 - The official debut release from the 24 year old phenom, Muhsinah. Following the web exclusive release of day.break (which has received rave reviews in both national and international markets), some 3 months later, day.break 2.0 is as ominous to change as approaching storm clouds. As Muhsinah's first official physical release, the highly anticipated day.break 2.0 is expected to receive substantially more accolades than it's digital counterpart. Entirely self-produced, day.break 2.0 is in a sense a heartfelt homage to this young women's inspirations and in another, a whimsical and revealing voyage down the road less traveled. Often times snatching inspiration out of the air, this classically trained pianist employs a limitless assortment of sonic elements to complete her hip hop inspired, soul experiments. With songs like "Discovery", "Gogh" and "Only and Always" Muhsinah's knack for evoking the head-nod seems almost intrinsic; all the while, delivering uniquely dynamic, stirring and technically superior vocals in songs like "Outsource" and "NetKnot". Muhsinah's overall choice of words and expressions leave her hovering between that of a "self-indulgent flower-child" and "post-modern idealist". Whether conventional or unconventional in inception, Muhsinah's music always seems to fall perfectly to the more palatable side of experimental. Unabashedly honest in so many ways, Muhsinah's makes it clear that although the road less travel looks a bit un-kept and may present some dangers, it is assuredly the most fun path to tread. With a name that translates to "doer of good deeds" it's no wonder Muhsinah is offering to be our guide. Released in Beautiful 6-panel CD-Digipak!
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