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Mustafa Ozkent - 'Funk Anatolian' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Mustafa Ozkent

Funk Anatolian

Black Vinyl Re-Issue

Vinyl LP Record

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  • Jan 05, 2018
  • Rock & Alternative
  • 2017090700510
  • 8.7 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Hammer Muzik
The incredible music of Anadolu Pop's very own Dr. Frankenstein - Maestro Mustafa Özkent - as the daddy of all Turkish rarities, this record simply has to be heard to be believed and even then it's still literally unbelievable. Özkent's band is funky and loose in the way hyper-disciplined musicians can be, and it's no surprise that Özkent is a world-class arranger. But the record transcends mere craftsmanship by fusing Özkent's Turkish traditions with his contemporary funk musicians across the Atlantic. Mustafa Özkent is a talented guitarist who was known to modify the design of his instruments to create unusual tonal qualities by adding extra frets on his guitar to play traditional Turkish modes. Özkent was a nationalist, but the blends his Turkish folk influences so perfectly into modernity of the psyche-jazz-funk that you might not even notice them unless you knew what you were listening for.
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