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Nathan Haines - 'Right Now' [CD]

Nathan Haines

Right Now



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As well as being one of New Zealand's most well known and respected jazz musicians, multi-instrumentalist Nathan Haines has been an in demand collaborator and session man for luminaries such as Masters at Work, 4 Hero, Reel People and that be-hatted cat - Jamiroquai.

"Right Now" features something of a dream ticket combination of Nathan's renowned saxophone skills, exemplary cutting edge production (courtesy of Mike Patto and DJ Chris Cox) and genuinely legendary vocal talents in an album that successfully cross fertilizes soul, RnB, soulful house and jazz into a lush and uplifting excursion into contemporary black music.

Kicking off with "Tell Me What You're Feeling" which graces our ears with the sublime and dulcet tones of Vanessa Freeman, this track has already prompted high praise as a Freestyle 12 inch single and wetted appetites all over for this full length release - Nathan's 6th solo album.

There cannot be a soul or jazz fan alive who isn't in love with the music and legacy of Marlena Shaw who has recorded total classics for Chess, Cadet and Blue Note Records' her sassy and spectacular voice remains undiminished and on the title track collaboration "Right Now" she proves beyond doubt that the term "living legend" continues to ring true for her in the 21st century.

"Right Now" includes contributions from artists such as Ty, Joel Haines and 2 bonus mixes of "Creation Calling" (Summer Street Remix) and "Tell Me What You're Feeling" (Domu Vocal Remix)

With this release Nathan Haines displays the extent of his all encompassing musical vision, talent and taste.
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