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Nato Caliph - 'Cipher Inside' [CD]

Nato Caliph

Cipher Inside


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NATO CALIPH gets audiences on their feet and dancing to thought-provoking, socially conscious lyrics. This prolific Battle Rap Champ has collaborated with artists ranging from Murphy Lee of the St. Lunatics, to Bits & Pieces, MF Grimm and Hi Fidel. Well-known to the St. Louis underground hip-hop listener, his impressive body of recordings reaches much further then the Mississippi River. Nato was recently granted an exclusive digital feature with Sprint Mobile on a worldwide level. He's moved crowds from coast to coast like most rappers in his position. However Caliph does more then entertains with pungent lyrics; he also attempts to share life experiences to improve those around him, family, friends, and the audience. The individuality, originality and heady lyrical content grab listeners from the onset. He seasons his witty wordplay without use derogatory or foul language. He eschews the glorification of drugs, sex or violence in his music. These are the over riding reasons that Nato attracted the ear of DJ Crucial who produced the majority of Cipher Inside, including the single All I Know. With a pseudonym meaning to bomb with success, Caliph is determined to blow up the hip-hop charts armed with what has become so scarce in this genre, substance. A creative voice that demands attention, Nato Caliph shines in his full length debut on F5 Records.
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