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Interview Pt. 2 (At Rock The Bells - Columbia, MD - 7/12/09)


Part 2 of 6: Two of history's most innovative producers (and self-proclaimed "funky Jews") Necro and Alchemist swap stories about songs and samples they've shared, including the origins of Non Phixion's "5 Boros" beat and the infamous "Agent Orange" instrumental. Then in true Necro fashion, the most sadistic segues into a quick recap of the history of Harlem's gritty underworld; where he recounts how Jews were the original gangsters, paving the way for kingpins from the black community like Bumpy Johnson. Necro takes it a step further even, expounding on how being gangster is therefore a major part of his Jewish birthright. Other highlights include the possibility of a collabo with fellow Brooklynite Billy Danze, along with Evidence reminiscing on the time Beatnut's member JuJu discovered Necro and relayed his awe-inspiring find to him and Alchemist, telling them they must checkout the rapper "Neko."
  • Feb 01, 2010
  • 06:01
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