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Interview Pt. 2 (On The Streets - New York, NY - 6/4/08)


Part 2 of 5: Necro takes us "back to the future" describing growing up young in the projects, where thugged-out black kids referred to him as the white Kool G Rap. Why? Because in the predominantly Brand Nubian / PE era he was rapping about shooting you with 22s and machine guns. Necro chronicles a childhood where he blasted metal out his project window, fought members of the Brooklyn-based gang The Decepticons, and was one of the first white rappers alongside his brother Ill Bill to gain respect in the hood. He compares himself to Howard Stern, pointing out how those who hate him analyze him more than those who show love. Necro isn't just a deeply rooted rapper with a resume stretching back to appearing on the radio alongside Stretch and Bobbito, but as he points out, her was also a pioneer dropping films long before Master P produced "I'm Bout It."
  • Apr 13, 2009
  • 04:58
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