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Interview Pt. 3 (On The Streets - New York, NY - 6/4/08)


Part 3 of 5: On&On inquires about the two sides to Necro's psyche (and Psycho-Logical Records), asking him which dominates: The sex-crazed, violent madman he portrays in his raps or the logical business man whom created the Pscyho-Logical Records empire. Necro's response? He runs his business by following the code of the streets, where unless your Craig G (whom he battled on record in the past) he will respond to beef physically rather than verbally by bringing his PLR crew to your doorstep. Just as he points this out, a passerby incurs Necro's wrath when the two get in an argument over who owns the block. Luckily On&On was there to quell the tension after Necro points out how "Anybody can get punched in the fucking face if they get out of line right now." Necro takes a break from threatening impeding doom at the end of this portion of the interview, switching from street thug to business guru, surmising that digital downloads will help Psychological records bypass major labels in the future.
  • Apr 13, 2009
  • 04:50
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