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Necro - 'The Sexorcist' [CD]
Necro - 'The Sexorcist' [CD]
Necro - 'The Sexorcist' [CD]
Necro - 'The Sexorcist' [CD]


The Sexorcist


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The bloodlust bubbling out of New York's Brooklyn Borough continues on Necro's fourth solo LP, The Sexorcist. The only difference is that this round, raunchy sexual exploits are plotted admist the gore. Weighing in at 22 tracks, including an earful of squeel and moan ladden intermissions where pornstars such as Brittany Andrews and Katja Kassin pay homage to Necro's wandering anaconda, The Sexorcist manages to further bridge the gap between porn and hip-hop, in addition to your ex-girl's thighs: after necro met the bitch and the baby popped out! Truth is, I can't imagine another album existing which contains such vivid depcitions of violent torture, rape, degredation, sodomy, deepthroating, ass-to-mouth, bondage, masochistsm and S&M as The Sexorcist. Necro's mind is indeed the combination of too many drugs, too little morals, and too much porn. While Gory Days was indeed a lyrical slaughter, the sexual domination incorporated into defiling you in the most painful way possible, makes The Sexorcist even more extreme. Any wonder whether Necro will ever sell out to the mainstream is destroyed by this album, which, while extremely soulful, boasting beats and catchy choruses, applauds only the most vile aspects of society. To top it all off, Necro didn't even bother posting a parental advisory anywhere on the cover, with good reason however, since the graphics, song titles, and guest appearances are explicit to the extent that any five year old purchasing this album deserves to take out their mispent sexual aggression on naive parents and fellow kindergardeners.
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