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Nice Nice - 'Extra Wow' [CD]

Nice Nice

Extra Wow


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  • Apr 06, 2010
  • Rock & Alternative
  • 801061018726
  • WARP187CD
  • 2.8 oz
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  • Warp Records
Nice Nice are from Portland, Oregon. Jason Buehler and Mark Shirazi have been using their guitars, drums, voices, electronics and lots of other stuff to create their "post-everything modern music" for nearly a decade. By playing countless kinetic live shows around the US, they've honed their unorthodox craft. Beholding the sonic leviathan that is Nice Nice live experience can leave an observer dazed. They build complex loops in real time, constructing, sculpting, bending and fragmenting their songs without warning - a process that ensures consistently unique performances and potentially thrilling mistakes. Not only engaging for the audience, the band exhibit a very specific link to each other, having developed near-telepathic abilities allowing them to anticipate each other's next action at any moment.

Extra Wow is an extremely apt title for an album that presents itself as a constantly unfolding collection of kaleidoscopic musical sediments. Each song effectively builds on the one before it to create the effect of an album-length crescendo that encompasses everything from forward-reaching psychedelia and neo-primitive electronic experiments to dub rhythms and learned lesson from the pillars of krautrock. From the acid-punk opening of "One Hit" it's apparent that establishing your equilibrium within the world of Nice Nice will not be easy. With precision motorik propulsion and synesthesistic textures, tracks like "Everything Falling Apart" and "A Vibration" drive Extra Wow along at a pace that demands a commitment from the listener. A rewarding and mindbending journery, this album should be the first step in building a legion of fans for these future heroes.
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