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Nobody - 'Revisions Revisions: The Remixes 2000-2005' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Nobody - 'Revisions Revisions: The Remixes 2000-2005' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Nobody - 'Revisions Revisions: The Remixes 2000-2005' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Nobody - 'Revisions Revisions: The Remixes 2000-2005' [(Black) Vinyl LP]


Revisions Revisions: The Remixes 2000-2005

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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Product Details
Revisions Revisions is a collection of remixes that Los Angeles based producer Nobody (Elvin Estela) has completed in the last 5 years. Between albums for a diverse group of labels such as Ubiquity, Mush and Plug Research, Nobody faced many a deadline in completing remixes for various artists from across the world. This collection of remixes reflects a broad range of musical styles that Nobody has dabbled in throughout his career, from the vintage 60's soft-psych of The Free Design to the underground hip-hop of LA based MC Busdriver.
Build an Ark's "Always There" ode to great, lost jazz musicians is turned into a tribute from Sach to his former partner in rhyme Yusef Afloat. Busdriver's "Unemployed Black Astronaut" becomes the theme to finding a home in outer space. Ellay Khule is called on to offer a different point of view on Adventure Time's "Whetting Whistles." Instrumental hip-hop artists Presto and Ill Suono get their tunes redone with a new palette of samples and melodies.
The Free Design's dark and mysterious "Girl's Alone" is transformed into an instrumental cover, with Ikey Owens (Mars Volta) faithfully reproducing the song's soaring melodies. Mia Doi Todd's "Autumn" sounds like a lost outtake from the Pacific Drift sessions.
Electronic indie acts Her Space Holiday, Clue to Kalo, Pepe California and The Postal Service get their glitchy electronics swept from under their feet and find themselves afloat sparse bangers with their own melodies turning in on it's self. Nobody even tackled a full on rock song, courtesy of Domino Records' Clearlake, and turned their Jesus and Mary Chain wash into a stabbing 60's freakbeat anthem.
Revisions Revisions takes in 5 years of different artists, styles and sounds and unites them under Nobody's vision of "psychdelia for hip-hop kids and hip-hop for psychedelic kids".
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