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Nocando - 'Jimmy The Lock' [CD]


Jimmy The Lock


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Debut album of LA underground rapper Nocando (Project Blowed) . Executive produced by Daddy Kev, "Jimmy the Lock" features production from Nosaj Thing, Daedelus, DJ Nobody, Free the Robots, Thavius Beck and Th' Corn Gangg (Islands)!

"Along with Freestyle Fellowship, Busdriver and Abstract Rude, Nocando emerged from Project Blowed, a collective of erudite and highly technical rappers who cut their teeth at open-mic workshops in South Central Los Angeles. While Nocando is a champion battle rapper (he won the 2007 Skribble Jam freestyle contest), Jimmy the Lock is more bizarre and personal than anyone could have expected.

Nocando is a self-described "cool black nerd," and like many hyper-literate yet under-appreciated rappers, he rails against the mainstream rap industry ("Hurry Up and Wait," "Never Lie"), but he is much more interesting when he's indulging his vices. The album's centerpiece is "21," undoubtedly the most gloriously hedonistic drug-induced sex rap you're ever likely to hear."
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