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Notes To Self - 'Target Market (RECOIL)' [CD]
Notes To Self - 'Target Market (RECOIL)' [CD]
Notes To Self - 'Target Market (RECOIL)' [CD]
Notes To Self - 'Target Market (RECOIL)' [CD]

Notes To Self

Target Market (RECOIL)


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Hailing from the northern Metropolis of Toronto, likeminded rappers Swamp Donkey and Roshin, producer/rapper Bronze One, world renowned DJ/turntablist DJ Dopey and writer/illustrator Elicser unite to form Notes to Self, a collective dedicated to delivering a decidedly hip-hop ethos through numerous contemporary mediums. The highly dexterous vocalists of Notes trade verses with the adeptness of seasoned vets, sparking fire across Target Market's twelve tracks. Each beat is nailed down with tremendous lowend, while horn and vocal samples humanize the tracks, jostled along with percussion. The aesthetic is familiar, yet the execution is timeless - Notes to Self are students of their genre, giving thanks to those who reigned before them, yet sharing in where rap music has currently landed by being musical contemporaries, drawing inspiration from both back home and the American market.
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