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O.C. - 'The Underground King' [CD]


The Underground King


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O.C. needed a mix like this. Everyone's familiar with the "Jewelz" "Word..Life" era and that's not to say it wasn't O.C.'s best by far. A lot of thestuff O.C. dropped from then to know was sub par at most people's admittance but that's not to say there wasn't some slept on stellar and not so slept on tracks through the years. That's why you need this mix; it's a pretty definitive mix of all points of O.C.'s career. A lot of this stuff isn't that easy to track down either, and pretty much impossible if you're not a vinyl head. Plus you not only get a D.V.D. with the CD but we bless up you up with some bonus video footage of two of the stronger cuts from O.C.'s latest offering.
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