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Odd Nosdam - 'Burner' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]
Odd Nosdam - 'Burner' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]
Odd Nosdam - 'Burner' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]
Odd Nosdam - 'Burner' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]

Odd Nosdam


Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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Burner is a work that undeniably declares the presence of an artist in his prime. A radical departure from odd nosdam's past productions, Burner is a dense, seamless composition of found sounds, obscure records and diverse instrumentation. His trademark lo-fi aesthetic - familiar to listeners of cLOUDDEAD - can be attributed to the harmony extant between his G4 and a trusty 8-track cassette deck. A unique approach to composition, utilizing rhythms of head-nodding simplicity and balls-out emotional dynamics, results in a mixed-up, blissed-out hybrid. There is no use labeling it pop, emo-ambient, dirty loop, space rock, or hipnotica. It's all these plus more and none of the above.

The integrity of odd nosdam's work is also due in large part to the company kept in the studio: Dosh, Andrew Broder (Fog), Orvar Smarason (Múm), Dax Pierson and jel (Subtle / Themselves), Josiah Wolf and Doug McDiarmid (WHY?), Jessica Bailiff and Mike Patton. The talent meshes well here, but so do the styles. Mix and match Lee "Scratch" Perry's rhythmic spontaneity, the tape saturated drone of Flying Saucer Attack , the hip-hop collage of Prince Paul and Hood's emotional clarity and you'll have an idea what's going on here. After all is said, written, and done, odd nosdam's latest can be considered not only a firm assertion of his stridently independent, post-cLOUDDEAD aesthetic, but more importantly perhaps, his first true masterwork.
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