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Odd Nosdam - 'No More Wig For Ohio' [CD]
Odd Nosdam - 'No More Wig For Ohio' [CD]
Odd Nosdam - 'No More Wig For Ohio' [CD]
Odd Nosdam - 'No More Wig For Ohio' [CD]

Odd Nosdam

No More Wig For Ohio


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A young ODD NOSDAM began meddling with machines in the mid-90's, looping his favorite Nirvana riffs on a Sega genesis CD player and filling tapes with noise collage. Since then he has compiled at least three solo full lengths, as well as a number of collaborations, including the highly acclaimed cLOUDED. Nosdam has developed his own distinct sound , drawing inspiration from a broad pallete ranging from Flying Saucer Attacks and Hood to the RZA and everything in between and outlying. Nosdam allows his many mental ups and downs, quirks and eccentricities to seep into his sound creations- a rare quality among modern instrumental artists. No More Wig for Ohio is a meticulously deliberate two-part arrangement of instrumental songs and far found sounds collaged into a maniacal music quilt that somehow retains cohesiveness. Part one (tracks 1-11) listens like a razor-sharp piss-take on the world around the artist - an orgy of church hymns and infomercials. The record's second half (tracks 12-24), in all its sick-drum sweet-tone eeriness, reveals a bit of Nosdam's human desperation with some of the hardest beats he has ever unleashed upon a sound wave's trespasser's ears. Perfect for headphones, grind dancing, and formal get-togethers of all kinds.
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