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Offwhyte - 'Bow To The Sceptor EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
Offwhyte - 'Bow To The Sceptor EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
Offwhyte - 'Bow To The Sceptor EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
Offwhyte - 'Bow To The Sceptor EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]


Bow To The Sceptor EP

Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record

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Songs of revolution have always been born in tumultuous times. In this era of an ongoing war, highly polarized politics, and an overall sense of general uncertainty, emotions run high in the veins of the average American citizen.

Enter "Bow to the Sceptor", the title track of Offwhyte's latest offering. A song that is part spoken word and part double-time lyrical frenzy, the raw angst of the frustrated masses is voiced heavily in this landmark work, as "blatant protests go unannounced, someone's got checks to bounce and disgust has reached a new level of subtlety, redundantly!" Laced with dark production reminiscent of a 23 rd Century snake charmer, "Bow to the Sceptor" is meant to capture the feeling of urgency, anxiousness and need for change that many of us Americans feel today.

Offwhyte has been getting more and more prolific as a songwriter ever since the worldwide success of his 2002 album, The Fifth Sun . The seven-song EP springs to life with "Kept", pairing Offwhyte with G4 veteran Meaty Ogre for an intentionally overdramatic track, where Offwhyte spits pieces of lush imagery depicting a perfect home environment. On "Kid is Raw", Offwhyte makes a proclamation of dues paid, declaring himself and his crew an undisputed pillar in the Chicago hip hop community. "On Purpose" is an essay on true b-boyism, self-produced by Offwhyte.

n an effort to represent his highly talented and close-knit crew, the EP also features a track by Galapagos4 artist Mestizo - "Rival Ritual" produced by DJ White Lightning. This track is a declaration, meant to convey Galapagos4's dominance within the underground community, in which Mestizo also references the "Sceptor".

The production on the EP brings forth some of the newer talent on Galapagos4. "Bow to the Sceptor" is produced by Kip Killagain and Morphus of Arizona jungle/dnb crew Ruff Sumptn', and "Kid is Raw" is produced by up and coming LA beatsmith Mike Gao.
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