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<!--120070814009753-->Oh No - 'Dr. No's Oxperiment' [CD]
<!--120070814009753-->Oh No - 'Dr. No's Oxperiment' [CD]
<!--120070814009753-->Oh No - 'Dr. No's Oxperiment' [CD]
<!--120070814009753-->Oh No - 'Dr. No's Oxperiment' [CD]

Oh No

Dr. No's Oxperiment




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Stones Throw is known for instrumental hip-hop albums - Dilla Donuts, Madlib Beat Konducta: Movie Scenes. Oxnard, CA-based producer Oh No contributes to the lineage with Dr. No's Oxperiment.
Oh No's third full-length on Stones Throw, Dr. No's Oxperiment is something new - futuristic hip-hop sourced from samples that most people will never hear. Stones Throw GM Egon offered the West Coast producer access to his expansive library of rare vinyl from Turkey, Greece, Lebanon and Italy. After first hearing the opening bars of a rare Turkish psych 7-inch, Oh No instantly knew Egon was on to something. Next thing you know, Oh No is digging through Egon's private stash of those countries' finest in '60s and '70s psych, jazz, funk, rock, Anatolian folk, Mediterranean Bazouka rock, and more. The result is 28 tracks of music that defies categorization. It's not that generic Bollywood rip-off style that hip-hop producers curried to death over the past six years. It's definitely not your run-of-the-mill "sample some ill breaks" shit. What Oh No has achieved is a cross-generation, cross-cultural, cross-genre collaboration between the inhabitants of the Bosphorus and a funky producer from the Ox.
Dr. No's Oxperiment also represents Oh No's second concept/collaboration album. Just last year, his sophomore full-length, entitled Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms, featured an all-star cast of MCs over Oh No beats created entirely from samples of HAIR composer Galt MacDermot's music. Oh No's resume looks mighty impressive these days, as he has worked with and produced beats for the likes of Posdnous from De La Soul, KRS-One, Buckshot of Black Moon, A.G., Aloe Blacc, Murs, LMNO, Frank n Dank, and more.
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