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<!--120100119019705-->Oktober - 'The Devil Smokes Dime Bags' [CD]
<!--120100119019705-->Oktober - 'The Devil Smokes Dime Bags' [CD]
<!--120100119019705-->Oktober - 'The Devil Smokes Dime Bags' [CD]
<!--120100119019705-->Oktober - 'The Devil Smokes Dime Bags' [CD]


The Devil Smokes Dime Bags




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"The Devil Smokes Dime Bags" was recorded by Oktober Zero in complete solitude to avoid outside influence of the typical underground '16-bar boom-bap' rap, and the 'hustler-with-a-heart' commercial vibe as well. The album has an aggressive attitude combined with a sedated swagger, which explains the album title.

Oktober Zero is no stranger to the game having been a member of House Of Repz for over a decade. But laying down these tracks in seclusion allowed him to rediscover and refined his lyrical ability. He takes a loose, swaggarish approach on tracks like "Chittybang" and "Fuc Musick", but manifests his lyrical conceptuality on songs like "Kicks!" and "Spoke to da O.G." Oktober pushes the limit on the ominous piece called "H8 In Ya Blood" where he spits in the flow, style, and voice of some of our much missed deceased rappers. All this plus topics such as dice games ("C-Low Cash"), rough sex with women ("Muchacha"), weed-smoking ("420 Church St."), and being a post-apocalyptic gangster ("Future Thug"), Oktober Zero and Kings Link Recordz invite you to sit down and taste some of the best on "The Devil Smokes Dime Bags".
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