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Omni & DJ Bonez - 'Ninja Art: Remixed' [CD]

Omni & DJ Bonez

Ninja Art: Remixed


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Revered Melbourne based DJ Bonez has made a name for himself through crushing club sets and banging beats and cuts for the likes of Hilltop Hoods, Phrase and Mystro. His Mama's Kitchen Mix is known as one of the best continuous mixes of Aussie Hip Hop on the shelves and his beats for Hyjak & Torcha's Drastik Measures album are a landmark for local production. Omni is a seasoned but still fresh L.A. mic controller whose acclaimed underground albums Funkdafied Freddy (2001), Burgundy Brown (2003) and Ballyhoo (2005) were topped only by Batterie, his 2006 collaboration album with Australian Hip Hoppers such as Layla and the Hilltop Hoods. At the same time, he dropped the European-only Ninja Art, produced by Belgian DMC champ DJ Grazzhoppa. Now, Bonez has remixed the Ninja Art album for Australia, adding his distinct and diverse beats to Omni's verses with contributions from Motion Man, Blade (UK), Monique Harcum, DJ Grazzhoppa and many more. This is a first class international collaboration that crosses three continents to bring you the world's best independent Hip Hop.
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