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Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers - 'Liquid Love' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers

Liquid Love

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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Onom Agemo and The Disco Jumpers are finally back on track with their sophomore album "Liquid Love", a well psychedelic longplay effort jam-packed with captivating grooves of a bubbling, pumping, floating and defo frolicking and playful nature. "Liquid Love" is also the name of the title track which can be described as a proper fancy ass, lime green glow-in-the dark cocktail served on dinghies throughout harbour boat trips to punters in full-on scuba gear.

Coming from ancient days and weighing in some Malian heritage is "Kurifuna", a tune sporting quite tipsy bamboo flutes, long lost rhythm signatures and secret messages from Saturn. "Opus" reflects the bands ardent enthusiasm and fascination for trance-inducing rituals performed by the Moroccan Gnawa people and is recommended to come to peace with one's innermost demons. Just pump up the jam and bop your head back and forth furiously. But hey kids, don't try this at home and without assistance as cataleptic conditions might occur.

With "The Disco Jumpers" we're having a dance to the hymn of the most dedicated amongst all Onom Agemo-worshippers. And btw – if the bands name seems a little too off to get stuck in your head how about some backward reading? If you're like #wtf now be assured that there's no deeper meaning intended. It just sounds fancy, outlandish and peregrine.

Also we see our time travelling guitar player contributing to this album with "Weird Panda King",a song he might – or might not – have picked up throughout one of his trips to the 70s. And talking the 70s in general, the whole album incorporates bits and bops from the past, present and future, drawing influences from both very familiar and also faraway places. Just to name a few there's Krautrock, AfroFunk, traditional Moroccan Trance, Future Jazz and much more to be found. The Beatles excluded, though. Finally "Somebody" is the icing on the cake – a quadripartite suite that was premiered at the occasion of the second Kosmos-Days event in Berlin. For this special musical piece the band was able to work with three local female pygmies which provided additional layers of most beauteous folkloristic rack- wheel chants to round off things nicely a.k.a. somebody is counting on universal help to get in touch with somebody. Well, things like that do actually happen. For sure.
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