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Onry Ozzborn - 'c v p ii d' [CD]

Onry Ozzborn

c v p ii d


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Onry Ozzborn's first through third person take on c v p ii d (pronounced Cupid) is one of an Arrogant/Humble/Self Centered/Compassionate/Inconsiderate/Selfless/Selfish/Compelling little prick.. and how his make believe trials & tribulations relate to today's real life situations & relationships.

He surprisingly is able to go about this narrative without any use of profanity nor slander in a calming/soothing approach thus maintaining an exuberant amount of charm & class through little more than just a 23min listen.

The wardrobe (& or) soundscape was entirely provided by a chap called Rain out of Boston MA, & all songs except for Surgical Mask are accompanied by thee gracious lady Alison Baker out of Olympia WA.

c v p ii d's visual image twas created by Jamee Varda out of Minneapolis MN, Mixed by Lord Zebulon Dak at Momentum Studios in Portland OR, & Mastered by Daddy Kev at Cosmic Zoo Studios in Los Angeles CA. Narration was handled by a British woman Zeb & I invented who we now call Anya Pippy.

Last but not least "t h 3 B1RTH of c v p ii d" film was directed by Tim Slusarczyk (of Soundlapse) in Portland OR.
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