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Orgone - 'Cali Fever' [CD]


Cali Fever


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Orgone are back with Cali Fever, their second album for Ubiquity and a giant step from anything they have ever released in the past.

They emerged from the evergreen Los Angeles soulful musical family (band members have also played with Connie Price and the Keystones, Breakestra, Dakah, Rhythm Roots Allstars, The Lions, the Simple Citizens, etc) releasing The Killion Floor in 2007. Tracks like "Dialed Up" and "Funky Nassau" established the bands funk and uptempo soul credibility worldwide scoring them an Adidas campaign, and tour dates with Little Brother, and backing-band gigs for The Pharcyde, Plantlife (including a BBC performance for Jools Holland), Tone Loc, and New Orleans funk legend Eddie Bo.

They have spent the last couple of years since re-organizing the bands line-up (9 pieces!) and honing their own sound by gigging non-stop. With a deep-rooted appreciation of funk, soul, and Afrobeat, Orgone naturally slide through multiple styles both live and on record. And their intimate understanding and appreciation of DJ culture lends a hard, explosive edge.

"While The Killion Floor was a culmination spanning 4 years of recording, and featuring past members of the band, the new record is much more dialed in and immediate," they explain. "It is a proper representation of what Orgone has developed into, while ascribing to the same vision of honesty & grit we've always aimed for."

Their dynamic live shows, and huge will to get out and play hard to as many people as possible, caught the ears of Golden Voice VP David Lefkowitz who has taken the band under his wing. Since doing so Orgone has played live on KCRWs Morning Becomes Eclectic, and at New Orleans Jazz Fest. Plus they've opened for the likes of Al Green, Gil Scott-Heron, and Sharon Jones, and toured with The Roots, Greyboy Allstars and Groundation. Their ability to get any crowd on its feet is testament to their eclectic outlook on funk and soul.

This is not a retro funk-by-numbers band re-hashing the past, Cali Fever is the evolution of a band dedicated to bringing tight, tough and honest get-on-your-feet funk and soul music with no pretentions."Songs like "Doing Me Wrong" reminisce on late 1960's rawness while evoking more of a P-Funk churn. "It's Time Tonight," brings a dubbed-out, garage dance floor sensibility that we've not previously explored on record. And then there are tracks like "Matanza" which combines dancehall, Brazilian, and African elements to create a unique soundscape of aggressive rhythm," explains the band.
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