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Otis Jackson Sr. (Madlib's Father) - 'The Art Of Love' [CD]

Otis Jackson Sr. (Madlib's Father)

The Art Of Love


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His powerful voice resonates with silky, smooth soul inspired by legendary artists like Barry White and Isaac Hayes. Otis takes his classic balladeer style and incorporates it with a fusion of funky bass lines and melodic guitar to soothesenses. He exudes emotion. Soulful and deep, his vocalizations expose his heartfelt emotions of love. He takes the listener through a soulful journey of life and love. He pulls at your heartstrings through his love songs with "Look What You Have Done To My Heart." Imagine being curled up on a big fluffy bear rug or overstuffed sofa in front of a fireplace with the one you love. "Don't Ya' Know It's Getting Better" expresses a timely sophistication and dedication of this very talented singer. Otis' R&B style has a soulful essence that allows you to enjoy easy listening combined with a Funk groove like no other. Do you want to feel a little Funk with an old school flavor? Spin "It's All The Same".
"The Art Of Love" is the answer to love songs for the lovers out there who want to be in love, who are in love, and those who were in love at some point in their lives and want to remember it. This is a call to everyone who is longing for love. Listeners can have it all from the new album release, Otis Jackson "The Art of Love" featuring bonus remixes from Oh No the Disrupt & Madlib (his two sons). Otis Jackson is now poised to burst out of obscurity with this collection of love songs.
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