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<!--020090101019567-->Pax Paloscia - 'Let The Kids Play' [Book]
<!--020090101019567-->Pax Paloscia - 'Let The Kids Play' [Book]
<!--020090101019567-->Pax Paloscia - 'Let The Kids Play' [Book]
<!--020090101019567-->Pax Paloscia - 'Let The Kids Play' [Book]

Pax Paloscia

Let The Kids Play


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  • Jan 01, 2009
  • 96
  • 6.75" X 9.5"
  • 9788888493206
  • DO206BK
  • 30.1 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Drago Arts & Communication
  • Pax Paloscia
Drago's 36 Chambers Series - Each volume represents a metaphoric room for signature artists of the international independent art scene to express themselves in work which combines tradition and experimentation. Books in The 36 Chambers Series are B&W, with one further color of the artist's choice.

"Let the Kids Play", by Pax Paloscia, is the eigth book for the 36 Chambers Series book collection. Originally from Rome, Pax Paloscia travels the world to find new input for her inner and mechanical eye with the camera under her arm and a suitcase full of memories. She rediscovered a sense of wonder in the street, source of authenticity and emotions. The book expresses the special intensity of the human nature, that mix of pureness and honesty that kids easily convey, the unexpected irony hidden behind our everyday gestures. This is a free zone, crossed by urban nomads searching non-places to re-conquer. Discovering that often the extraordinary can be captured. The title is a metaphor of an emotional condition, more than anagraphic, a reaction to adult cynicism. Through Graffiti, drawings, photography, videos, she defines her universe the same way children play with the symbolic objects of their enchanted world. It displays a fresh naivet with every turn of the page. More than an artist's book, is the artists' artistic diary of post-modern childhood.