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Paz - 'PAZ Are Back' [(Black) Vinyl LP]


PAZ Are Back

Black Vinyl Re-Issue Import

Vinyl LP Record

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Recorded during the summer of 1980 and originally released in 1982 on Spotlight Records, 'PAZ are Back' was the second (and arguably the finest) album by the London jazz collective, founded by vibraphonist, composer and arranger Dick Crouch.

For PAZ, band leader Dick Crouch assembled a group of the finest jazz musicians working in London at the time. Piano, keyboard and synth player Geoff Castle was a mainstay of the band throughout the years, as well as playing and recording with George Coleman, Ian Dury & Georgie Fame to name but a few. He also composed the highly original and energetic track 'Moonchild', featured on this album.

Capturing a group of prodigiously talented musicians at the height of their powers, 'PAZ Are Back' features timeless original compositions from almost all the band members, as well as a unique cover of 'Everywhere Calypso' by Sonny Rollins and a truly frenetic, heavily improvised version of jazz standard 'Dancing In The Dark'. A band who remained steadfastly resistant to being pigeonholed, incorporating a multitude of influences before 'fusion' became fashionable, PAZ's music stands the test of time magnificently, as evidenced by the staggering demand for original copies of this album.

Remastered and packaged with the original artwork, BBE are excited to make the magic of PAZ available to a new generation of fans
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