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Phizz Ed - 'Vulgarity II' [CD]
Phizz Ed - 'Vulgarity II' [CD]
Phizz Ed - 'Vulgarity II' [CD]
Phizz Ed - 'Vulgarity II' [CD]

Phizz Ed

Vulgarity II


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Phizz Ed is an artist in the purest sense of the word, using his art form to address a wide array of subject matters in witty yet politically incorrect manner that keeps listeners engaged. A Columbus, Ohio native, Phizz Ed's Midwestern flavor is vividly evident in his colorful use of frank and precise "blue humor". His methodology is that the joke is always on the listener. "I'm an artist out to stimulate your thoughts and shock your system" - Phizz Ed.

Phizz Ed's latest release "Vulgarity II" is a true and unapologetic ride through the life and times of Black America. Phizz Ed informs, educates, and entertains the listener in his classic "blue humor" manner over grade-A production provided by Lord Hakim & Doc Giggz of the LGz. On the song "I Only Know Half" Phizz Ed deals with the trust aspect of relationships, and how as a man you need to get to know the woman you call your woman before you start calling her your woman, only to find out she ain't your woman. On the song "5th Period', Phizz Ed shines a critical light on the state of our educational system from the perspective of an over-worked teacher. To balance it out, he brings in Doc Giggz, Lord Hakim, & P-AWK Da Bum to give the perspective of the Care-free students who may or may not be getting education they need. Another standout song is "What I Think About": "On 'What I Think About', I'm just giving you a brief glimpse into the thoughts of a father of two as I look at sme of the craziness that television can feed your kids if you're not careful"- Phizz Ed.

Vulgarity II is a well-balanced album consisting of mixtures of jazz, soul, and classic rock fueled by Phizz Ed's uncanny lyrical content and wordplay that's guaranteed to keep listeners on the edge of their seats.
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