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Poor Righteous Teachers - 'Rare And Unreleased EP' [(Black) Vinyl EP]

Poor Righteous Teachers

Rare And Unreleased EP

Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record

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Poor Righteous Teachers never really have or probably will get the shine they deserve. "Rare and Unreleased" is a step in the right direction. I mean how many of you fans have really given them a lot of thought in per say the last half a year? Not many most likely, regardless of how they feel. With all these reissues of early 90's stuff, this release was much needed. Tracking down some of the earlier Poor Righteous singles can be a pain in the ass and most likely will result in 15-dollar price tags on Gemm. A reissue of "Nobody Move" would be so appropriate to compliment this fine compilation. That old King Yellow sample still kills. Poor Righteous Teachers for the newcomers were a trio hailing from Trenton, New Jersey who were strongly on that whole black consciousness movement. If you have never checked the popular "Black In Business" which dropped in 93 you need to. Definitely the strongest showing they have ever had. This compilation takes some hard to find tracks, some stuff you could only get ala vinyl, and some random unreleased stuff and just gives you more of that classic PRT sound. There hasn't been much of it obviously in a long time besides that Wise Intelligent solo album that came out in like 95. Although rumors have surfaced, he's set to drop a new one shortly after this compilation is released. Anyway grab this if you're a fan already and if your not check a piece of hip-hop history out.
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